Introducing the AlterClass accelerator program

Introducing the AlterClass accelerator program

Want to launch an online course this year? What about next month?

At AlterClass, we'd like to empower the next generation of tech instructors; that's why we are launching the AlterClass accelerator program. This is the perfect opportunity to help you get started and launch a successful online course in 30 days only.

This exclusive program maps out every step you need to take to have a course ready to sell within 30 days, no matter where you're starting from — whether it's your first, second, or fifteenth course. You'll get the techniques, resources, and guidance you need to launch and start selling your course.

The AlterClass accelerator program includes:

  • 👨‍💻 Live sessions: 1-hour live session every week for 4 weeks to get clear guidance and a detailed strategy for a successful launch.

  • 🏅 Private Discord access: Be part of the first AlterClass instructors cohort and get access to a private Discord channel with the AlterClass team and the other authors.

  • 🛠 Course builder: Create an engaging and interactive programming course by using the AlterClass course builder.

  • 📢 Extra exposure: We'll feature your course on the AlterClass marketplace to give it an extra boost when you launch and beyond.

  • ⭐️ Pro instructor: Receive an AlterClass Pro subscription for free for a year and access advanced features such as course pre-orders.

  • 💵 No transaction fees: We'll waive the transaction fees of your course sales. So, you will keep all the profit for yourself.

What are you waiting for? Join the AlterClass accelerator now and be part of the first instructors cohort → Apply now.